I'm a 23 Years old Software Developer from Germany who is currently not actively looking for Job Opportunities in Hamburg/Germany, Canada, Switzerland or New Zealand.

Programming Languages

  • Java

    3,5 Years of business Experience and counting, as well as use in personal Projects.

    • Spring
    • Android
    • JUnit
    • Mockito
    • Selenium
    • JSF
  • C/AL

    1,5 Years business Experience.

    • C#

      Some business Experience and some personal Experience.

      • TS/JS

        Some business Experience and some personal Experience.

        • Angular
        • SvelteKit
        • Theia
        • Backbone + Marionette
      • Kotlin

        Some business Experience and quite a bit of personal Experience.

        • Ktor
        • Kotlin Exposed
        • Android
        • Spring
      • HTML & CSS

        Some business Experience and some personal Experience.


        • DevOps

          • Gitlab Ci
          • Docker/Podman/Containers
          • Kubernetes
          • Helm
          • ArgoCD
        • Databases

          • PostgreSQL
          • MariaDB
        • Misc.

          • Git
          • Linux
          • Regex
          • SVN

        Natural Languages

        • German

          Level: mother tongue

        • English

          Level: business proficient

        Company Requirements

        Things i want my future Employer to have. If they are not already in Place that's ok but there has to be willingness to put those Things in Place.

        must have automated Tests + cinice to have cdnice to have JetBrains IDE(s)must have Linux or macOSmust have Code Reviewsmust have Code is in Englishmust have proper Ticket based Work -> all relevant Info can be found in the Ticketmust have active Measures to avoid Knowledge Islands -> Employees are given Time to help/educate each othernice to have (self) Education Time on Company Time