I'm a 24 Years old Software Developer from Hamburg, Germany who is currently not actively looking for Job Opportunities.

Programming Languages

  • Java

    3,5 Years of business Experience and counting, as well as use in personal Projects.

    • Spring
    • Android
    • JUnit
    • Mockito
    • Selenium
    • JSF
  • C/AL

    1,5 Years business Experience.

    • C#

      Some business Experience and some personal Experience.

      • TS/JS

        Some business Experience and some personal Experience.

        • Angular
        • SvelteKit
        • Theia
        • Backbone + Marionette
      • Kotlin

        Some business Experience and quite a bit of personal Experience.

        • Ktor
        • Kotlin Exposed
        • Android
        • Spring
      • HTML & CSS

        Some business Experience and some personal Experience.

        • Rust

          Some personal Experience


          • DevOps

            • Gitlab Ci
            • Docker/Podman/Containers
            • Kubernetes
            • Helm
            • ArgoCD
          • Databases

            • PostgreSQL
            • MariaDB
          • Misc.

            • Git
            • Linux
            • Regex
            • SVN

          Natural Languages

          • German

            Level: mother tongue

          • English

            Level: business proficient

          Company Requirements

          Things i want my future Employer to have. If they are not already 100% in Place that's ok because i can help on that front. But the Willingness to put those Things in Place has to be there.

          must have automated Tests + continuous Integrationmust have Linux or macOSmust have Code Reviewsmust have Code is in Englishmust have Hardware with US Keyboard or BYODmust have proper Ticket based Work -> all relevant Info can be found in the Ticketmust have active Measures to avoid Knowledge Islands -> Employees are given Time to help/educate each otherstrongly preferred continuous Deliverynice to have JetBrains IDE(s)nice to have (self) Education Time on Company Time